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We're really pleased to have formed great relationships with local, independent suppliers that are passionate about their produce and have excellent sustainability practices 

Stephenson's Dairy- Free Range Milk

Stephenson's Dairy has been working for the past 3 years to bring Free Range Milk to Britain’s doorstep. Working side by side with local partners and suppliers means that Stephensons have a full knowledge of where the milk comes from and what happens to it from field to fridge. Stephenson's have collaborated with processors to develop a clearly segregated production process for Free Range Milk, offering fully traceable milk of consistent high quality that puts money directly back into the local economy.

Neighbourhood Coffee

Based in Liverpool, Neigbourhood Coffee Neighbourhood Coffee are the city’s first specialty roasters, dedicated to sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest coffee, telling of the stories and journeys behind each lot, and spreading their passion for great specialty coffee.

Silver Apples Bakery

Silver Apples is our bakery partner, a family run business providing our sweet treats, bakes, brownies, savouries, patisserie work, baked with love! 

Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea Co are our local tea merchant. From Tea HQ in Trafford they taste each batch of tea, craft the blends and hand pack it into tea bags made on site! 

Jeeve's & Jericho

Jeeve's & Jericho source spices from collectives across the globe, paying particular attention to their place of origin, growing conditions and quality. Each spice is cupped to maintain consistency in natural sweetness and body. The result is a totally unique full-bodied and balanced chai tea.

Kokoa collection 

Kokoa Collection is the award winning hot chocolate served in all good coffee shops. There are five types of Chocolate to choose from, Kokoa collection have sourced the best cocoa beans from around the world so you can choose your favourite.


Vegware are the worlds first and only fully compostable packaging company. All our food packaging is certified fully compostable, meaning it breaks down in less than 12 weeks! We are distributors for Vegware and would welcome the opportunity to work with event organisers in making their event fully compostable!

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