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We are passionate about making our business operations as sustainable as possible, so we do everything we can to achieve zero waste. 


- All our food packaging is Vegware, made from plants and certified completely compostable- turning into compost in under 12 weeks. 


- All our milk bottles are recycled.


- Our used coffee grounds are put into the local composter, or given to customers to use in their garden at home.


- We banned the use of sugar sachets at festivals and large events, reducing the amount of packaging waste. Instead we use bulk, British grown sugar which has significantly less packaging.


- Our on board espresso machine has ultra low emissions, powered using a combination of an energy efficient inverter power system and LPG.


We are keen to support small businesses local to events we trade at, and where possible will arrange for deliveries from local suppliers. We only use British grown sugar & FairTrade hot chocolates in our drinks.

If you would like to view our full sustainability policy, please get in touch!